The Tigers have struggled this year which to no surprise the team is sitting (56-73) 17 games under .500, The Tigers will have a lot of difficult decisions to make in the next 4-6 months, But before Detroit gets there, they have to decide who will be heading to the Big Leagues for the September Call Ups when the Roster expands from 25 to 40.

Chad Bell (LHP) – It might not come as a surprise to see Bell’s name knowing he’s spent most of the season with the Tigers owning an (0-1 record with a 5.48 ERA in 19 Games)

Blaine Hardy (LHP) – Blaine Hardy has made the trip North on I-75 several times this season, but every time he’s been sent south he hasn’t disappointed Hardy is (7-3, 2.88 ERA) in 33 games in Toledo. Those numbers could lead to a call up.

Logan Kensing (RHP) – Kensing the Austin, Texas native has more than earned the call up in September this year, Since He’s been with the Mud Hens Logan hasn’t disappointed (3-3, 2.22 ERA) in 61 games this year. Kensing had a brief stint with the Tigers last year (0-0, 1.93 ERA) in 3 games.

Jairo Labourt (LHP) – Labourt has done a great job making his way up the ranks this season after starting the year in High-A Lakeland after a great showing in the spring, Labourt has a (1-1 record that consists of a 1.96 ERA) in the minors this year in 43 games.

Bruce Rondon (RHP) – This one is a long shot that Bruce receives another call this year after his lack of effort this season, but it all should be in his past. And considering the Tigers lack of bullpen talent,  Rondon could receive the nod. Rondon’s (1-3 record with a 10.91 ERA) in 21 Games isn’t appealing to anyone but you should expect Bruce to head north in September.

Kyle Ryan (LHP) – Kyle Ryan has been another one of Mike Rojas’s go to guys out of the pen this year. (3-1, 4.71 ERA) in 44 appearances this year. His bad track record in the MLB could be a deciding factor in which he receives a call or not.

Jeimer Candelario (3B/1B) – Candelario was traded to Detroit in the Justin Wilson/Alex Avila trade on July 30th the day before the MLB Trade Deadline day. Candelario has made one stint with the Tigers this year. Candelario is hitting (.262 in the minors this year .252 with Toledo) which could lead him to the Big leagues so thebTigers van get a better look at him as they decide their options for the following season.

Efren Navarro (1B) – Navarro is a long shot to get the call in September the 31 year old is hitting .272 this year in Toledo. The Tigers is proving more and more that they are good at finding older guys that get the job done. Navarro has slugged 10 HR’s and has 59 RBI’s this year.

Omar Infante (2B) – Infante would be more of a logical option for the team if the team would’ve traded Ian Kinsler at the Deadline, but nonetheless Infante has answered the call slugging .277 this year in Toledo 3 HR’s 33 RBI’s and becoming Toledo’s Everyday 2nd Baseman.

Jim Adduci (OF) – James “Jim” Adduci who has already received a couple stints with the team this year is expected to be heading north in a couple weeks. Adduci reached the big leagues this year for the first time in 3 years he hit a solid .241 in the Majors this year. Adduci has battled injuries this year which took away most of his season but every time the tigers have needed him he hasn’t let them down.

Tyler Collins (OF) – Tyler Collins the guy known by everyone as the guy who flipped off his own crowd after missing a fly ball last season. Collins struggled after making the MLB team out of Spring Training even though he had a (.200 BA in the MLB this year). He has turned that around nicely with a .278 BA in Toledo with 9 HR’s 37 RBI’s. Collins was sent to Toledo to cut down his strikeouts and he has down just that he had 46 K’s in 130 At bats in the MLB this year (35% of his at bats he strikes out). In Toledo he has 65 K’s in 230 AB’s (28% of AB’s)

Jason Krizan (OF) – Krizan has been the Cinderella story of Toledo this year. With Toledo losing Presley, Adduci, Jones, and Moyà this year Krizan has stepped up this year for Mike Rojas’s Mud Hens batting .264 this year with them after hitting .393 with Erie. Krizan has stepped up and been the guy Toledo needed.

Dawel Lugo (SS/3B) – Lugo was Acquired in the J.D. Martinez trade package this season. If the Tigers were to call him up he would have to skip Triple-A which is very unlikely to happen. Last Tiger to skip Triple-A and head to the Big Leagues was Steven Moyà we all know how that turned out. Nonetheless Lugo has a (.275 BA in the Minors this year) .261 with Erie. It is unlikely he will come up.

Christian Stewart (OF) – Stewart is another guy who could be making the jump from Erie to the MLB Stewart has a (.258 BA) this year with 28 HR’s and 86 RBI’s this year in Erie.

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