The free agency period does not become officially open until Wednesday at 4pm ET. However there have already been moves completed that will affect this league year if they follow through. This off-season is primed to be historic when it comes surprise transactions and moves that carry over to draft day. I will look into these underrated moves that figure to be overlooked but will undoubtedly impact the 2018 NFL season.

Bengals Acquire Cordy Glenn

In the first day of negotiations the Cincinnati Bengals traded the No. 12 overall selection in the 2018 draft for Cordy Glenn, a starting caliber Left Tackle, as well as the 21st pick in the first round. They will both exchange fifth and sixth round selections this year. This move gives the Bengals a solid starter for their offensive line. But more importantly, Buffalo now is in position to take one of the draft’s top QBs after trading Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns.

Tyrod Taylor to the Browns

The Browns gave up the first pick in the third round for the rights to Tyrod Taylor. Reports have leaked stating that this move means the Browns may have found their starting quarterback for 2018 at the least. With this Cleveland may be out of the running for a passer with picks one and four. Details arose that none of the top QBs had the Browns head over heels. They may be happy with Tyrod behind center for a few years to come. Many more transactions will follow for the Dawg Pound before all is said and done.

Ndamukong Suh Soon to be Released

The Dolphins made headlines when they announced they will likely release their star defender Ndmaukong Suh over locker room concerns before the new league year. As these reports were coming out, Suh posted a video while in Seattle, Washington. This could be a move to keep an eye on. The Seahawks are looking to add a big body to their defensive line after the trade of Michael Bennett.

Chris Ivory to the Bills

Chris Ivory signed with Buffalo on March 6th. This move may or may not mean underlying moves for LeSean McCoy. Both players are 29 which is worth keeping an eye on. Perhaps the organization feels Ivory has more left in the tank than McCoy at this point in their careers. Two offensive lineman made a move away from Buffalo. Eric Wood announced his retirement and Cordy Glenn was just traded to the Bengals. Another move to re-solidify their line may be in the works.

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