Red Letter Media or RLM is a genuinely unique YouTube channel.

On the surface, it’s a movie review channel, which is pretty commonplace.  Their review show, Half in the Bag, is a bit like Siskel and Ebert if Siskel and Ebert had been funnier and drunker.

They also have a show called Best of the Worst where they take three bad movies (mostly action, horror and sci-fi) and film themselves watching them.  Then they have a discussion about the films and choose which one is the best.


The difference in this channel is their style.

Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman and Rich Evans (the three principle actors) have a laidback and conversational tone.  They also have great chemistry with each other.

This creates an atmosphere that is more akin to watching something with your friends than looking at a YouTube video.

That engagement has allowed Red Letter Media to become one of the larger channels out there.


If you want to have some fun, check out the Red Letter Media comments section.  It has a life of its own.

There are a smattering of inside jokes, memes, and repeated lines.  The comments section is like an ocean wave.  It ebbs and flows, and the jokes do the same.  I’ve laughed as hard at things in the comments section as I have in the actual video.

It’s one of the rare places on YouTube that feels like a community.


One of the reasons that these guys are so good at breaking down films is because all of them have been to film school.  That insight allows them to deconstruct movies with a knowledge that a lot of other critics don’t have.


Red Letter Media also makes their own movies that they sell through their website.  Most of them are more of the parody variety, but they aren’t without their high points.


Red Letter Media is a channel that you’ll be happy to subscribe to.  They are funny, insightful and addicting.  Check them out on YouTube.

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Mark Phillips

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