If you’re unaware, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is what Jerry Seinfeld has decided to do with his life two decades after the end of his hit sitcom.

It’s a talk show on the move.  Seinfeld picks up his guests in various cars that represent their personalities, and then they go to a coffee shop to have a chat.


Seinfeld was famous for being the “show about nothing,” and while that was somewhat true, it’s about as complex as a Pynchon novel compared to this show.

It’s not that nothing goes on, but the show sticks in Seinfeld’s milieu.  He talks to comedians (for the most part) about nothing (for the most part) and they intercut this with glamour shots of coffee making.


Seinfeld has said many times that he couldn’t be a talk show host.  He’s said that he only likes talking to comedians and he doesn’t care what actors, trying to promote a movie, have to say.

I’ll take him on his word at that.

I do believe that if he had Meryl Streep on his show, it would be a disaster.  Like when you introduce two of your friends that share no common interests.

Only talking to comedians facilitates what Seinfeld cares about: the mundane.  He doesn’t work well on the pressing issues of the day.  He’s more comfortable talking about how no one ever uses the phrase “I wish I had a camera” anymore.


The heart of the show is the discussion between Seinfeld and his guest.  Sometimes they discuss comedy; sometimes they discuss their rise in show business.  Often they try and make each other laugh.  In a world of politics and debate and hate, it’s nice to see two people have a regular conversation.


The series was originally carried by Crackle but has since moved to Netflix to join their other fifty-thousand shows.  The new season is available now.

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