For those of you who are unaware, Arrested Development was a Fox television show in the early 2000s.  It follows the plight of the Bluth family, wealthy homebuilders who run afoul of the law.

It’s possibly the funniest show ever aired.  But low ratings led to its cancelation and it looked like that would be it.

However, in 2013 Netflix brought the show back.  This was a good news/bad news situation.  The good news was that we were getting more Arrested Development.  The bad news was that, because of scheduling conflicts, the cast wasn’t able to appear together in really any scenes.

What followed was a rocky fourth season where each episode focused on a different character.  The problem was that Arrested Development has always been an ensemble show.  The brilliance comes in the way that these comedic actors work off of each other and how their different styles blend together to make something brilliant.

What season four showed us is that Arrested Development is better than the sum of its parts.


So expectations were low when, five years later, Netflix decided to bring the show back for a fifth season.  I am pleased to announce that those fears were unfounded though.

The producers and writers seemed to have learned from their mistakes and this time they made sure that everyone was available.

The first half of season five is a wonderful foray back into the sarcastic, dry and whip-quick humor that made the show the best on television.

Each performer is at the top of their game and the storylines (which so often mirror our own world) are sharp and right on point.

It’s great to see the old gang back together and if you’re a fan of Arrested Development you will absolutely love this.  If you’re not, then you really need to get to Netflix and check the show out.  They have all the seasons.  If you don’t, you’ve made a horrible mistake.

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Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is the author of several thriller and literary novels. His Bentley Books series introduced the world to sadistic serial killer Bentley Grimes, a villain of unbelievable cruelty and unimaginable coldness. His literary novels are populated with richly drawn characters struggling with issues that affect our society today, such as: homosexuality, alcoholism, family struggles, poverty, greed, and bigotry.

He is an avid sports fan as well as a lover of movies and television.

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