Our series on the Oscar movies has come to an end.  I will be releasing my predictions a few days before the actual ceremony on March 4th, and I will cover the awards show themselves.  For now, though, we’re all caught up, and now we settle into a weekly schedule.

What is this weekly schedule going to look like?  Great question, rhetorical device.  Here it is:


Monday will be a bit of a free-flowing day.  For the most part, it will be entertainment news when there is something interesting to report.  If there is no good news, then it will usually be an opinionated column about something going on in movies or TV.


Tuesday will be a movie review.  Every once in a while there may be two.  In special cases, I will do a Movie Face-Off.  This will be when there are two movies battling it out at the box office.  I will review both and give my opinion on which one to see if you can only see one.


Wednesday will be reserved for what I’m calling Dumpster Diving.  This is when I take a look at something (movie, TV show, comic book, etc…) that is terrible.  These will probably be mostly about things in the past, but some more recent projects could show up there.


Thursday will be TV review day.  Sometimes I will review the entire show (recommend or not) and sometimes it will be an individual episode of a show.


We will end the week with a retro-review.  Retro-reviews will look at old television shows and movies that I think deserving a second look.  With the wealth of old television shows on Netflix, it can be hard to decide what 80s show to binge next.  This guide will help.

So there is the schedule, and what you can expect.  It’s not written completely in stone, but I think you can expect most weeks to look like this.  I hope you all enjoy things from here on out.

Now that the business is out of the way let’s dive into a very brief bit of entertainment news.

Joel McHale is getting another television show.  This is probably welcomed news for those of you who remember his work on E!’s The Soup or NBC’s Community.  As an aside, we absolutely need to talk about Community at some point.

This new show (The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale) will premier on February 18th on Netflix and run weekly.  It will be similar to the Soup, presented in a talk show format and featuring McHale poking fun at television from around the world.

Sounds pretty interesting.  I will keep you updated on it.

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