Ever since the Tigers dealt us the heart breaking news about trading away fan favorite J.D. Martinez to Arizona. Some might have moved on, others might still be upset.

When J.D. left the Tigers orginization, he left with an outstanding .305 BA, 61 hits, 38 runs and 16 home-runs.

On Martinez’ second at-bat on his first game with Arizona, he received a blow to the hand in which thankfully, all result came back good.

This 29 year-old has matured into something great. Into a player who forms its foundation around them. Since July 18, (date he was traded) Martinez has spanked in 5 home-runs, 6 runs, 6 hits and 12 RBI’s.

Although Martinez’ batting average has gone down slightly to a .295, it’s safe to say with in just 7 games, J.D. has proved his importance with any club.

We can all just hope the Tigers find a way to bring back Martinez to the old English D.

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