There’s still one more week until Deadpool 2 comes out and there’s nothing I want to see.  Given that fact I’ve decided to look back at a bunch of films I didn’t want to see.

We’re going to rank the Adam Sandler movies.

*Special Note: Sandler has been in over sixty films in his career, so I had to parse that down.  This list will consist of only films that Adam Sandler has starred in and was a part of his Happy Madison productions or its predecessor.  That means that Sandler served at least one other role in the movie, either as a writer or a producer.

I also eliminated the Hotel Transylvania series and the Netflix movies, because I don’t want to be here all day.

Hotel Transylvania is excellent and the Netflix movies suck.  Now you’re caught up.

That still leaves us with fifteen films to rank.  Let’s get into shall we?

NO. 15: Jack and Jill

This isn’t a movie, it’s a 90-minute commercial with no jokes.  The humor is gross, dumb, borderline offensive and just plain unfunny.

Sandler plays both male and female parts and does nothing with it at all.   This is one of the worst things ever put to celluloid.

NO 14. Pixels

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Adam Sandler look more bored.  He sleepwalks through this performance and shows just how little he cares.

The concept is good, the execution is terrible and so is the movie.

NO 13. I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Sorry Jace, I don’t like this movie.

Sure it’s offensive, but I don’t care about that.  The reason is that the underlying message of the movie is good and instead of preaching to the choir, this movie actively preaches to the unconverted.  Maybe some people became more tolerant of homosexuals after watching this film.

No, what I don’t like about this movie is how unfunny it is.  There isn’t a single memorable joke in the whole movie, and I think Sandler did this so that he could touch Jessica Biel’s breast.

The direction drags this film down as well.  Dugan might pair with Sandler often, but he doesn’t know how to do anything but move the movie along.  He directs this like an episode of a television show.

NO 12. Little Nicky

I hated this movie when I first saw it.  Then I watched it a second time, and I thought it was okay.  Then I watched it a third time, and I hated it.  It’s a weird movie.

Adam Sandler plays one of Satan’s sons who must stop his two evil brothers from taking over Earth.  It could be better; it could be Jack and Jill.

NO 11. The Waterboy

Dumb.  That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of this movie.  Sandler shows us what it would be like if he’d played Forrest Gump and if the whole movie had been about his days as a football player.

It features a lot of the staples of later (and worse) Sandler films: poorly written comedy, poking fun at disabilities, and over-the-top acting.

NO 10. The Longest Yard

A bit of an anomaly on the list.  It’s one of only two remakes, and it functions more as a sports drama than it does a sports comedy.  Following the plot of the original movie, Sandler does an adequete job in the lead role.  It’s not terrible, but I’d save it for a rainy Sunday.

NO 9. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Sue me; I like this movie.  It’s certainly not the best he’s ever done, but it’s zany.

The whole point of the movie isn’t to be realistic or sly, it’s to be over the top schlock.  If you embrace it for what it is you’ll enjoy this silly movie.

NO 8. Grown Ups

It’s got a little more gross-out humor than I’d like, but I enjoy the message of this movie.  The chemistry between the main cast is good, and there are a few moments of real comedy here.

The second one is garbage though.

NO 7. Mr. Deeds

The other remake.  Oh, you didn’t know that Gary Cooper made this movie?  Well he did, and Sandler remade it.  He’s no Gary Cooper, but he does a good job in this one.  This movie reunites him with Drew Barrymore and they genuinely seem to like each other.  A solid film.

NO 6. Big Daddy

Pairing Adam Sandler with a child seems like the best move in hindsight.  They have the same type of comedic sensibilities.  Still, Big Daddy manages to get laughs while at the same time touching on the vital bond between father and son.  It’s a solid flick.

NO 5. Billy Madison

The one that made Adam Sandler a bankable movie star.  Billy Madison has a great premise (an adult who has to do school all over again) and provides Sandler with an actual character arc.  Funny and well-structured it still holds up today.

NO 4. Anger Management

Adam Sandler pairs up with Jack Nicholson and results are hilarious.  These two play off of each other so well it’s a shame they aren’t in more movies together.  Backed by a solid script with actual ideas and jokes, Sandler puts in a solid performance here.

NO 3. Click

Call me an old softy, but I like this movie.  There are funny parts to be sure, but it works better as a family fantasy film.  Armed with a remote control that can control his life, Adam Sandler decides to bypass boring family stuff and get ahead at work.  Only he discovers that the boring family stuff was the only thing that made life worth living.  Sweet and sentimental this film pulls out emotion from even the hardest of men.

NO 2. Happy Gilmore

What a great movie.  Filled with funny lines and set-pieces and featuring a truly intriguing antagonist.  Shooter McGavin is a great character and, if you look at things from his point of view, you can sympathize with him.  That’s the sign of a well-written character.

NO 1. The Wedding Singer

This is the movie that takes all the good things about Adam Sandler and rolls it into one.

80s nostalgia? Yep.

Singing? Yep.

Drew Barrymore as the opposite lead? Check.

This movie is funny; it’s sweet, it has an actual heart and a solid story.  Robbie Hart is a wedding singer who can’t find love.  Julia is a hopeless romantic about to marry for money.

Adam Sandler delivers an excellent performance, and the chemistry between him and Barrymore is palpable.  Easily the best.


Haven’t I written enough?  We’re done.  That’s the list.  Do you hate me?  Want to tell me what an idiot I am?  Follow us @moviesTVMusic on twitter and rant at us there.  Well…bye!


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