Black Panther dominated at the box office in its fourth week. It retained the number one position and crossed the one billion dollar threshold. It is now the second highest grossing MCU film domestically. Only The Avengers made more.

What does this have to do with A Wrinkle in Time?

Well, it goes to show that you can’t just make a movie inclusive; you also have to make it well.

Hollywood has a tendency to be lazy, and this is a prime example. They think, “Hey, Black Panther is successful, we need more movies with black people”.  But, of course, that’s simply ridiculous.

Look, I’m all for inclusion and diversity in movies. There are so many talented people of all races that it would be stupid to shut them out. But Black Panther didn’t make a billion dollars because it was a “black” movie. It made the money because Ryan Coogler made a damn good film.

I have also heard the argument that this movie is for kids and teens. So that means it doesn’t have to be good? This line of thinking I should insulting.

So, let’s talk about the actual movie.



The movie has a great message and it conveys it well.  I believe most young teens will come away with the belief that they count for something.

There are good performances in the film. Most notably Storm Reid.

It trades a lot on emotion in an effort to build characterization.


The plot of this movie is scattershot at best.   Meg seems to understand aspects of her father’s mathematics but the film never explains how or why and doesn’t explain much of the science.

The film also suffers (like a lot of bad fantasy films) from a lack of ground rules. It’s totally fine that fantastical things can happen, but when you don’t have a solid foundation of rules the audience doesn’t know  what can and can’t happen and it ends up confusing.


The CGI. It’s a little baffling how they handle the effects in this film. Sometimes it’s okay and  Other times it’s very obvious that a green screen is being used.

There are also massive tonal shifts  in the way the film is shot. Sometimes taking a more standard approach, sometimes switching to handheld shaky cam.


A Wrinkle in Time  Suffers from a poorly plotted script and some sizable mistakes in directing. It’s not the worst movie to take your children to but there are certainly better.



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