Welcome to our movie news.  Thanks for coming.  There isn’t much news this week, but we do have a public service announcement.  If you’re epileptic you’ll definitely want to read this article.


As expected, The Incredibles 2 dominated the box office this weekend.  In fact, the film broke the record for highest opening weekend of an animated movie with $180 million.  It’ll face tough competition next week in Jurrassic World 2, but I think it’s safe to say it has the potential to break some more records before it leaves theaters.


Speaking of The Incredibles, if you are prone to seizures you probably don’t want to be part of their record-breaking effort in the theaters.  After several people spoke up on social media about a particular scene in the film that involved strobing lights, Disney has put a warning on the movie that it might induce seizures in some.

Probably better to wait until the movie is out on BluRay and digital so that you can watch it in a controlled environment with plenty of natural light.  It’s odd though that no one down the line at Disney had the thought that this scene might not be the best thing for those suffering from epilepsy and other seizure-inducing disorders.


That’s the rumor floating around Comic-con anyway.  According to podcaster Aaron Goins, Tom Kane (who voiced Yoda in the animated series) has said that they have nine movies they’d like to make.  Though none of them focus on Yoda.

This is all rumor and speculation, of course.  Although nine isn’t really an outlandish number either.  If you count the new trilogy that Rian Johnson is working on that’s three.  The trilogy that’s going to the Game of Thrones guys (please be the Old Republic) would make six.  Add in the Obi-Wan movie and the Boba Fett movie and that makes eight.

What we’re left with is one mystery film that (according to Kane) is not Yoda.  Could it be Lando?  A Solo sequel?  Some else they’re keeping totally under wraps?  Time will tell.


More rumors…because that’s really all you get when it comes to LucasFilm, but Billy Dee Williams may be back as Lando in episode IX.

Billy Dee Williams has recently been spotted with a new training regiment.  If he’s put down the Colt .45 and picked up a barbell, it’s a good chance that he’s getting ready to join the saga again.

Lando wasn’t seen or even mentioned in the first two films of the saga.  It’s unclear how they would bring him back in, but we’ll find out next year.


The Rock tweeted out that Jumanji 3 is underway and that the script is dynamite.  He said that everyone is excited to be back.  Then he trolled his friend and frequent co-star, Kevin Hart, by saying, sorry for the spoiler but (Kevin Hart) dies in the first fifteen minutes of the movie to wait, I assume, is a standing ovation.

That is your movie news for today.  Thanks for joining us.  We’re here every Monday with the news, and every weekday with great content.



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