It’s Monday and that means it’s time for Infinity War news…I mean, movie news.  Sorry, it just seems like every place you look people are talking about Avengers: Infinity War.  If you’re looking for a respite, sorry, we’re also talking about it.  But first:



R. Lee Ermey died over the weekend, he was 74.  You probably remember Mr. Ermey as the drill seargent in the movie Full Metal Jacket.  The former marine made quite a niche for himself in the film industry, playing some version of that character in several movies.  In tribute, find a chance to scream, “what’s your major malfunction private Pyle!?” sometime today.


International star and ginger poster boy, Ed Sheeran, is currently in talks to appear in Danny Boyle’s new movie.  No, not the James Bond one – the musical comedy one.  It’s unclear exactly what role this would be, but after bit parts in Game of Thrones and Bridget Jones’ Baby you would think he’d demand the lead.


Before they became the dynamic directing duo in the MCU, Joe and Anthony Russo were known for their comedic chops.  They worked on Community and Arrested Development, and they’ve brought some of their old life with them to Marvel.

During an interview over the weekend, the brothers teased that fans of Arrested Development would be very happy with the Infinity War movie.  As much as I’d love a scene with Lucille Bluth slapping Thanos upside the head and demanding another cigarette, I’m pretty sure that’s not what we’re going to get.  Most likely we’re talking a small easter egg, along the lines of the Bluth stair car, which can be seen in the airport scene in Civil War.  Still fun.


Well, not in a runaway, but it still won.  Rampage, the Dwayne Johnson sorta video game adaptation, beat out A Quiet Place by just under two-million dollars to take the top spot at the box office over the weekend.  Tune in tomorrow to read our review of the film.


After the tragic death of Anton Yelchin it was uncertain if there would be anymore Star Trek films with the rebooted cast.  Then there were rumors of Quentin Tarantino directing a Star Trek film and everything got jumbled up.

Over the weekend, Simon Pegg seemed to confirm that the cast would reunite at least one more time although it seemed “unimaginable” to do so without Yelchin.

There are apparently three scripts in development, so it’s anyone’s guess when the new movie will begin filming.


Speaking at a meeting over the weekend, executives at Fox confirmed that everything was on track for the Disney aquisition and that everyone would be keeping their jobs.  The end date for the merger is set for the summer of 2019 at the latest.  That means that the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool could join the MCU as early as 2020.


Finally today, the New York Daily News a “source familiar” with the production of Episode IX has stated that Yoda will once again appear as a force ghost in order to share some scenes with Rey.  Yoda’s scene in Episode VIII was very well-reviewed and the thought is that filmmakers want more of him for the final film in the saga.  No word if he will summon the power of Thor again.


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