Sometimes these movie news intros are long.


The Meg is tops at the box office this week, having taken in around $44 million.  The shark film provides star Jason Statham with one of his biggest hits ever.


Shia LaBeouf may be ready to step back into the limelight.  LaBeouf first came to attention as the star of Even Stevens, a Disney show where he played the troublesome brother.  Super-stardom came from his role in the Transformers franchise.  However, in recent years, LaBeouf has been more known for his bizarre behavior and performance art than he’s been known for this acting.

It’s possible that’s all about to change, however, as Shia is set to star in David Ayer’s The Tax Collector.  The film is a gritty, crime-thriller, which is currently filming.  There aren’t many details about the script, but Ayer has a wonderful track record, and LaBeouf is a brilliant actor when he’s focused, so all signs point to this being a good pairing.


Do you like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly?  If so, I’ve got some good news for you.  The two are teaming up for the third time, and now they’ll play Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Holmes and Watson is set for a December release date, and the film will be a comedic take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective.  Ferrell will play Holmes and Reilly will take a turn as Watson.  While this is far from the first adaptation of the great detective, it has a good chance of being the funniest.


Antoine Fuqua will soon meet with Kevin Feige about a possible job in the MCU.  Marvel Studios has brought in several established directors over the years to give their films a steady hand and a distinct style and Fuqua is undoubtedly experienced.  After breaking out with Training Day, Fuqua teamed with Denzel Washington again for The Equalizer.

There is no word as to what film or films he might be meeting about, but we will keep you updated as we know more.


Patrick Stewart is coming back to the Star Trek family.  The iconic star (who portrayed Captain Jean-Luc Picard) will return in a new series which will stream on CBS All Access.  The plot is being kept under wraps, but reports indicate that it will explore the next phase of Picard’s life.  This suggests that it won’t be a reboot, but a straight sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation.  There is no word if other Next Generation alum will come back as well, or if the series will even feature the Enterprise.  Still, this is welcome news for millions of Trek fans around the world.


Sources report that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have both walked away from the negotiation table for Star Trek 4.  Pine portrayed Captain James T. Kirk in the previous three films and Hemsworth cameoed as his father in the first film.

The plot of the fourth film is a time-travel adventure that reunites Kirk with his long-dead dad.  However, both Pine and Hemsworth have ended negotiations over money.  The actors insist that they have a deal in place, which Paramount is reneging on in order to tighten the budget.  The studio is insisting that, because of the lackluster performance of the new Trek films, that they can’t afford to pay the stars their asking price.

Neither side has been available for comment, and it is possible that both actors could return to negotiations.  Paramount says that Trek 4 is a priority film and they are not postponing.  Could it be possible to re-cast Captain Kirk?  Time will tell.


That is your news for today.  Follow us @moviesTVmusic for all the latest news and come back tomorrow for our movie review.  Thanks for reading.

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