Today MSU announced that Bill Beekman, MSU’s Athletic director, received a letter from the NCAA vice president of enforcement Jonathan F. Duncan. The letter stated that no evidence was found of “violations of NCAA legislation” during the Nassar investigation. It also stated that “it does not appear there is a need for further inquiry.” This means that the investigation has ended. The University, also cleared of any wrongdoings in the handling of sexual assault connected to both the Football and Basketball teams at Michigan State.

After a Tumultuous last couple years at MSU, it seems things may be improving. Bill Beekman has replaced Mark Hollis after he stepped down. Lou Anna K. Simon was also replaced with interim President John Engler. Although the vast majority of the student body wants the Board of Trustees to replace Engler as well for being called tone death, MSU is at least moving in the right direction.

The end of this investigation also comes at a great time. The MSU football season starts tomorrow with a Friday night game against Utah State. The game begins at 7 pm. The timing of this news takes a lot of weight on the shoulders of every Spartan across the country. Spartans everywhere can now watch their team knowing that no consequences are forthcoming upon their beloved teams. They can enjoy a beautiful day for Football

There is still a long way for MSU to go to regain trust. The student body still has a lack of faith in the Board of Trustees. They also have more work to do to help their students and community heal. A lot of people were both directly and indirectly affected by the Nassar scandal. Hopefully Michigan state, as a community, can begin to put this behind them and continue to improve as a whole and heal together.

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