The offseason has came upon us an as we get into the middle of the free agent frenzy , it’s time we analyze a teams upcoming success based on their offseason moves.

The Wings have fell down in rankings the last 7 or so season and haven’t been the dynasty they once were. This season expect a different team.

For starters let’s start off with the forwards , who we think will be on the team next season. Larkin , Athaniseou and Anthony Mantha are the young stars that  will provide much of an offensive upside . A new player that has a possibility of making the team is theh Calder Cup Champ and playoff MVP Tyler Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi , played really a well last season in the American League and during his time in the NHL. He didn’t score but skated and played with grit , which the wings need.

Now the veterans , Tatar , Zetterberg and nyquist and others like Glendining and Sheehan have to be successfull all season and be consistint. The key to that is staying healthy and that key will lead to a lot of success down the season. Staying healthy and producing consistintly.

Here we move to the most updated part of the Red Wings and it’s the blue line. The big offseason signing of two time Stanley Cup champion Trevor Daley. Daley like  Mike Green is a veteran leader of a defenseman who unlike Green has won a Stanley cup. With the other signing of the big man Luke Witikowski , the former Western Michigan Bronco. With Luke the Wings will have more grit in front of the net. Defensive prospects like Ouellet and Jensen played well last season and look to feed of the success. Jonathon Ericsson, the big man, the guy that’s always turning over the puck. He needs to have a good season , no question. Jonathon is on the hot seat and in order to have success he needs to play well and be a leader for the young players. Realalistically , the key for the defense this season is play with grit and lower the turn over percentage , because last year they were at the top of most turnovers.

The most anticipated, the goaltending. Going into this season it will most likely be Petr Mrazek and Jimmy Howard in the NHL unless there is a trade. The goaltending last year wasn’t good. Mrazek had the worst season of his career and as we see people saying he had attitude problems. He cannot have those problems and he needs to play like he did two years ago when he was elite. He was left unprotected as he had those attitude problems and was unproven as a starter last season. He needs to play like he was in 2014-15 when he played on top of his game night in and night out. Another goaltender by the name of Jimmy Howard played well last season, but was bitten by the injury bug again ! Every year it seems like Howard is hurt while he is playing well then comes back and plays horrible. The keys for the Goaltedning is a little different. Obviously the goalies have to stay healthy , especially Howard. Mrazek’s key to being succesful is change the attitude and play like you want to win, which he didn’t most of the time last season. He played lazy, which is very unacceptable.

These keys from the forwards, defense and some very good goaltending will lead the wings to having a very succesful season. Stick to these and they are back in the playoffs no dought.

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