Verlander placed on waivers?!? No need to panic. The Traditional Waivers teams have 5 days to claim Verlander or he gets sent down to Toledo, But this isn’t traditional waivers.

Revocable Waivers gives teams an extension on the Trade Deadline. They will have until August 31st to deal JV if they choice so. Basically, Revocable Waivers is you place a player on Revocable Waivers if he has a big contract or you wanna trade him.

Teams will have 5 days to claim JV if he is claimed the Tigers can only trade Verlander  or talk about trading Verlander to that specific team. If he goes unclaimed he will be available to anyone. Revocable Waivers is basically big contracts get placed on Revocable Waivers and the players and their contract could get moved for nothing just to get rid of them if unvalued.

Example: Adrian Gonzalez was traded from Boston to LA a couple years ago via Revocable Waivers. Basically Verlander can’t go anywhere without the Tigers letting him go.

The best non baseball example I can give you is say you and a few friends are eating lunch. You don’t want your French Fries because you aren’t a fan so you offer them to everyone and after the first person claims you try one and decide you want to keep them you don’t have to give them up but say they have something you want so you trade or if they don’t you just let them go for nothing and they have no value to you.

Verlander will still make his next scheduled start Friday vs Kevin Gausman and the Baltimore Orioles

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