Every year, tens of thousands of people stream into Las Vegas to play at the World Series of Poker.  If you love poker and you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to check it out at least once.  It’s like comic-con for poker players.

Players come with dreams and, more often than not, leave with an empty pocket and a good story.  Winning the Main Event of the WSOP is the ultimate dream, and the hardest to claim.

Michigan native, Joe Cada has already lived that dream.  In 2009, Cada became the youngest ever Main Event champion.  The dream within the dream is winning the Main Event again.  Only four people have ever done that: Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, and Johnny Chan.  Joe Cada is now in position to join that elite rank.


Joe Cada has made a second Main Event final table, which is already a huge accomplishment in this day of huge fields and ten-day long play.  He will start the day sixth in chips, within striking distance of a win.

Cada might have all the name recognition, but Nic Manion of Muskegon has all the chips.  He comes into the final table with just over 112 million.

He got a lot of them on the hand that took us from ten to the final nine.

Manion opened to 1.5 million under the gun.  Antoine Labat called and Yuegi Zhu moved all-in for 24.7 million.  Manion reshoved for 43.1 million and the decision was on Labat.

Labat thought for a long time before finally making the call, he had Manion covered by about eight-million.

When the hands were revealed Manion held pocket aces.  Both of his opponents held pocket kings.  Their only  hope was to hit a flush, which neither did and Manion scooped a huge pot, almost tripling up and eliminating Zhu to get us to the final table.


The final table resumes today.  You can stream it on PokerGo or watch the ESPN coverage tonight.


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