In an interview with Evan Woodbery of MLIVE, Miguel Cabrera lamented his treatment from Tigers fans of late and stated he was going to take his time and no longer play when injured.

Well, all I can say is, FANTASTIC! Here’s the thing Miggy, to keep it simple, you don’t produce when you’re injured. Bashing a fan base who has supported you through your problematic off-field antics, which you regularly hide things from, smacks of whining.

Miggy never wants to sit.

One of the traits you are most known for is never wanting to go on the disabled list. How many times did we see Kevin Rand and Jim Leyland or Brad Ausmus come on the field to find out if where you were ok, only to see you shoo them off, and then watch your play decline? When was the last time you had a big slump that didn’t end with you on the disabled list from an ailment you’d been hiding?

”They call you old”

When your batting average suddenly tanks, and you’re getting little injury after little injury, People are going to chalk it up to age when you keep the reality from them. You have let your pride take control. Your refusal to take the time to heal properly is detrimental to the team because are holding a roster spot that someone at 100% could fill while you get healthy. Tigers fans want you healthy, they want you to be at the top of your game, and yes some of that is selfishly wanting the team to be the best they can, but mostly people don’t want to see your career cut short because you suffer some catastrophic injury because you weren’t receiving proper care.

Your Legacy

Miggy, you are one of the best hitters to ever grace a baseball diamond. Greatness is a double-edged sword. Fans will cheer louder for you than for anyone else when you are successful, but they will always hold you to a higher standard as well. Detroit has proven they are willing to forgive and forget when you disappoint. Don’t mar your legacy by attacking the fans that will remember you as their savior forever. And, heal well, because there is nothing that tops healthy Miguel Cabrera.

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