Michael Fulmer who is 7-6 with a solid 3.19 for the Tigers was named the only Tiger to be apart of the All-Star game, and that is okay.

This Tigers team is occupied a few of veteran players ranging from  38 year old Victor Martinez to  24 year old Michael Fulmer.

This team needs to rest, a refuel. Something different as this is their worst start to the season (36-45) since the 2003 season (20-46).

At this point in time it’s unsure where Al Avila stands on either being sellers or contenders. Either way, the only thing that seems to be living up to expectations is indeed Michael Fulmer.

This young stud has been everything but subpar. By pitching an average 8.1 innings per start, this kid has it all except bullpen support.

When asking Fulmer if he imagined being in this situation beginning this season he said; 

Not even in my dreams. This past year is what I’ve been thinking about my whole life, just not on this scale.
— Michael Fulmer

To pitch 101.2 innings this year and sustain a 3.19 ERA with 78 strikeouts and 24 walks, it’s easy to believe he’s earned his spot on the All-Star roster.

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