Former Michigan linebacker Elysee Mbem-Bosse sent out a series of alarming and mysterious tweets on Monday night.

Mbem-Bosse attacked Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan coaching staff for an apparent incident in November of 2017 that got him suspended.

Judging from his tweets, it seems as if Mbem-Bosse had a family issue come up on Nov 14 of last season. His brother was allegedly in trouble with the law. It was something that he felt he needed to take care of.

Two days later, Mbem-Bosse received a text from Coach Harbaugh, saying he was “suspended indefinitely.” Mbem-Bosse shared those text messages via his Twitter account.

Mbem-Bosse was heated about this whole situation. It is unclear why he chose last night to be so outspoken about the topic, but he thought he was mistreated. There seemed to be some communication breakdown along the way between him and the coaching staff.

It’s hard to know the exact timeline of the situation because the developments have been underreported.

Alarming Tweets

The most eye-popping tweets that came from Mbem-Bosse’s twitter account were ones that seemed to be threatening in nature. Mbem-Bosse mentions Michigan being an “open carry” university, as well as stating “we going to see who lost a mind.” He also tweeted at Detroit News writer Angelique Chengelis, who covers Michigan athletics. He asked her if the media session she attended was open to the public. When Chengelis replied, he stated he could “bring his friends” next time.

Coming out of high school, Mbem-Bosse was a 3-star recruit. He was the 30th ranked inside linebacker in his class, according to 247 sports. He officially committed to Michigan on Jan 24, 2016, before being suspended last November. He is apparently no longer a part of the football team.


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