Okay Detroit Tigers Faithful, Now maybe the time to have all children leave the room because this is going to get ugly! Scary ugly my friends. I don’t know about you, But I’ve seen enough! Yes ENOUGH IS ENOUGH This Guy is a bum! Is Brad Ausmus a good man? Sure. Was Brad a above average Catcher that won 3 Gold Gloves in a 18 year career with 1 All Star appearance, Yep you guessed it. Since Entering MLB in 1993 Brad was bounced around from team to team like a game of pin ball.  Making his MLB debut with the S.D. Padres, Houston Astros, And oddly enough Detroit as well, eventually ending his average career in LA with the Dodgers.

Still Brad Ausmus managed to land a front office assistant position for the San Diego Padres in 2010-2013 before being named The Detroit Tigers 38th Manager and in the spring of 2014 after his successor Jim Leyland had decided to retire after the previous season. In Brad’s Rookie season he inherited an already championship pedigree team and went on to winning The A.L. Central Division Title. Only to get swept by the Baltimore Orioles in the 2014 ALDS.

As you all know It’s pretty much all downhill from there unfortunately Tigers fans. In 2015 Detroit took a huge step back and finished the season below .500 posting a horrible 74-87 record, missing the postseason for the first time in almost a decade. In 2016 Brad Ausmus and the Detroit Tigers struggled once again to keep their heads above .500, eventually falling short  finishing 2nd in the division and for the second straight season missed the postseason by 2.5 games.

I’m not placing all of the blame on Brad after all the players play the games, But it is his job to make the right adjustments and to hold his players accountable. We have seen none of that, let alone any leadership at all. That’s not Managing, he’s simply collecting a pay check. I’ll just let Brads career stats as the Detroit Tigers Manager speak for themselves. From 2014-present Brad is barley over .500 putting up less than average numbers. with 279 wins and 265 losses , a win percentage of .513 and oh ya 0-3 in the postseason.

So this is for the whole Detroit Tigers organization, to the front office ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Brad Ausmus should have been fired last season! I think i speak for the whole Tiger fan base when I say Fire Brad Ausmus Now! Before it’s too late and for the love of god , before you go selling off our whole team! Yes The Detroit Tigers is Our team! And no we will not watch or attend another game with Brad Ausmus sitting on the bench looking oblivious to the fact the players themselves don’t even believe in their own Manager!


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