It ain’t over until the Leaders on this team say it’s over! The Detroit Tigers recent power surge should come of No surprise for us Die Hard Tigers Fans. As we have witnessed for over a decade the pure swing and the strength of  a warrior mentally and physically of The future HOF Miguel Cabrera. Since taking MLB by storm MIGGY has put up numbers second to none. The numbers speak for themselves my friends, Miguel is sport A (.319) career Batting Average, 456 Home Runs, 1,591 RBI’S 38 Stolen Bases And a OPS (.956) He is the Leader in the club house, And If Miguel is hitting And starting to show signs of his Enormous power coming back to Life. Trust me the veterans on the team and the kids will no doubt rise to the occasion, standing side by side win or lose. I promise you this team Will Not Go Down without a Fight!

You see the Detroit Tigers have a history just like any other team in MLB. But the Tigers have history like no other team in recent years. Excluding the past 2 horrible seasons we all had to witnessed. Nobody wants to relive that so let’s get straight to the good stuff, the facts. starting with the 2006 A.L. Central championship team winning the Tigers first pennant since 1984. The Detroit Tigers were absolutely on a tare the whole season running away with the A.L. Central Division Title under manger Jim Leyland, Lead by Tigers Ace Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera. And nobody will ever forget the HR Heard around the world coming off the Bat of Detroit’s RF Magglio Ordonez in Oakland. To help send The Tigers to the team’s first World Series since 1987. Detroit was ultimately was on the losing end in the 2006 World Series to say the least.

Now to the staggering facts and number’s of the Tigers Postseason runs. In 2006 Detroit finished the season with a 95-67 record with a .586 win percentage, Ranking 13th in MLB. In the 2011 season, which was surprisingly similar too the 2006 season. Detroit the exact same record of 95-67 record and you guessed it a win percentage of .586 again ranked #13th in the League. 2013 wasn’t exactly the same numbers, but strikingly similar on the season the Tigers finished with a 93-69 record with a .574 win percentage. The Detroit Tigers battled their way all the way to the 2013 ALCS vs the Boston Red Sox. Boston did go on to win that series 4-2 , And would be the Tigers last Playoff appearance. Yes these are all losing scenarios and past, But I think you know where I’m going with this. Detroit came close in the 2016 postseason WC spot, but lost their last game of the season and needed help with Baltimore and Toronto losses. Crushing the Tigers and our fan’s hopes both teams went on to win slamming the door shut on Detroit’s Hopes. The Tigers finished 2nd in the Central 86-75 record and a .534 win %

As of right now Our Detroit Tigers are sitting in 4th Place with a 35-43 record and .449% and considering we’re only 7 games out of 1st Place in one of the worst divisions in Baseball anything is possible at this point in the season. Make no mistake Detroit has to start playing at the top of their game. There is no denying the Tigers still have one of the most powerful line-ups in MLB. So it can and will be done, I have not a doubt in my mind and in my heart Detroit as a team including this struggling pitching staff all the way to the Bull Pen. I just have this overwhelming feeling in my gut. This team and our fans have been through hell the last couple seasons and that stops NOW!

Starting with the 1st place Cleveland Indians an all important series that starts today, because of last nights washout. If the Tigers ever needed to sweep a series it’s this very series right here. And I believe history will repeat itself in the aspect of Detroit making a run for the teams 5th A.L. Central Division title since the 10 years. Today Detroits hopes rest on the struggling Anibal Sanchez with a 2-5 record for 2016 and 31 K’s . Anibal looks to help kick start the Tigers rotation. So for all of you restless fans, Si back and relax as Our Detroit Tigers will not go out without a fight. Stay True And Always keep it real Tigers Nation!




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