I know, I know you All think im crazy… Because yes we have one of the worst coaching staffs in baseball. Yes The Core of Detroit’s offense are either struggling or Injured, or Both for that matter. And Yes the Tigers have one of the worst records in MLB Today.

But! There is 1 distinct factor that Nobody can deny. The Detroit Tigers are playing in the Worst Division in the American League. 2nd Every player has everything to prove if they don’t want to be on the receiving end of trade possibly sending the players to an even worse team or situation. Nobody wants to be part of dismantling arguably one the best Championship bread teams in the past decade.

The way I see it there are 2 of the Best player’s to Ever play America’s Favorite past time. Let’s start with Tigers Ace Justin Verlander who imo no doubt is one of the best pitchers to wear the Old English D.

Since being drafted in 2003 by the Detroit Tigers, JV has played 367 games and thrown for 2,426 innings all with the Detroit Tigers. Over his 13 year career Justin has went 177-110, with 2,283 K’s and given up just 742 walks with a career 3.51 ERA. He’s a 6 time All Star and the recipient of the A.L. CY and a Triple Crown in 2011.

So when I say Yes Justin Verlander will absolutely lead our 2017 Detroit Tigers to the A.L. Central Division title i meant every word of it. Sure JV Is much older now, In his previous start When Verlanders petfect game was broken up against the Seattle Mariners I realized at that moment the Tigers Ace will not rest until he brings that all to illusive World Series back too Detroit his career will not be complete. That day we all watched the weak bunt break up what would have been Justins 3rd No No in his Illustrious career.

I have No Doubt that this team will rally behind Justin Verlander, and will Rise to the what seems to be the impossible task at hand. Ripping the Division Title out of ANY teams hands that stands in the way of the Detroit Tigers. And that starts tonight at 7:00 PM ET when JV Steps to the mound against the Kansas City Royals.

Detroit is only 7 games out of 1st place in the Central my friends. We’ve witnessed alot of great accomplishments the Tigers and JV have made Together the past 13 seasons.

Im here to tell you all now! JV And Company will Fight until the very end.


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