In 2009 The Detroit Lions Tapped the Georgia Bull Dogs Quarter Back Matthew Stafford. The Lions organization made it no secret and wasted no time picking the teams future QB Number 1 Over All that year. The rest… Well is history, Some very very grueling seasons, and some were straight up Black and Blue, hard nose Detroit Lions football. The Football stories you will be telling your grandchildren, You can’t make this stuff up my friends. Since being drafted Matthew Stafford has been the Rock of his squad. Why #ONEPRIDE No questions asked. The man was born to lead our Detroit Lions to the Super Bowl. Matthew has grown over the years, I know I myself have followed Stafford his entire Lions career. Not to mention He is now a family man and proud father of 2 precious twin baby girls that will help feed the Lion when he steps on that field week 1 of the 2017 season. I know I know I’m coming off with to high of expectations right? Nope! I’m confident in our Quarter back and his abilities, most importantly I’m Confident the Lions will be on Beast Mode on both sides of the ball. Point is Matthew Stafford is a proven leader and poised to Dethrown that chump over in GB Sharon Rodgers lol.

All jokes aside. Since hitting camp Matthew Stafford looks to be in the best physical shape his 8 year career, dropping passes into receivers hands at will. The cannon is cocked and loaded my friends. And if i didn’t know any better it sure looks like Stafford has a new weapon in the rookie out of Northern Illinois Kenny Galladay. Some are comparing Galladay to the legend himself Calvin Johnson Jr with his big frame at 6′ 4″ 213 pounds on draft week. No denying through the year’s Kenny will gain that same muscle mass. Is this asking to much? I don’t think so This kids has it all. The Ups , the hands and quick as lightning instincts, You got this Galladay All Day Detroit found a diamond in the 3rd round Lions fans.

Back to the man Mattew Stafford who will be delivering the rock throughout Detroit’s Stacked wide receiver core. Matt will have plenty of options, Players with some damn good talent and plenty of heart. Personally I think TE Eric Ebron is way better than he has shown the last few seasons, and I see him stepping up huge after losing Detroit’s #3 rec Anquan Boldin. Golden Tate was under used IMO last season and is a speedy asset if Stafford can show the love to Marvin Jones Jr., Jace Billingsley and company. Rumor is Matthew Stafford is looking for an estimated 30 million a year for 7 years. I’d say he now has the weapons and O-Line with additions like T.J. Lang as protection and a Brutal RB 3 some in Ameer Abdullah ,Theo Riddick and the Zach Zenner train to earn that money Brother Stafford. Health is key here as we all know injuries have bitten our team in more ways than 1 football fan could begin to imagine.

Has Matthew Stafford been all good? Absolutely not. Nobody’s perfect and we all have our own games to work on right? That’s called growing pains It’s been well known Stafford reached out for help to improve every area he lack’s. Proving being Humble means much more than self satisfaction and personal accomplishments, None of that means squat when your season is cut short of the post season more often than not. So to see Matthew come to camp so Humbled and ready to work it sent goose bumps across my body the simple thought of watching The Detroit Lions Maul whatever team in it’s path to Super Bowl 52 Why #ONEPRIDE This is Detroit We Never Stop, And Neither will our Quarter Back. So what if Stafford is playing for the biggest contract in Football. Matthew Stafford is without a doubt top 5 Elite QB and worth every penny. Since hitting the scene Matthew has thrown for over 4,000 yards in each oh his last 6 seasons.

Just in 2016 Stafford started all 16 games, and threw for 4,327 yards ,24 TD’S And an impressive 93.3 Passer rating Detroit Lions #PayTheMan

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