That’s right I said it, The most under-rated Quarter Back in the NFL is poised to take his team all the way to the promise land. A place and feeling where No Detroit Lions player or fan has ever been or felt before. Being a Life long Lions fan myself, I to know the Adrenaline and Hype year in and year out. Some seasons in the Black and Blue Division have been absolutely brutal to watch, like the unfortunate reminder of Detroit’s 0-16 in the 2008-09 season. I wont leave you with that awful taste in your mouth from the very beginning would I? Not a chance folks that’s not my style. I have more Good memories of our Detroit Lions throughout my childhood as i’m sure most of you do as well.

The best Matthew Stafford moment Imo Is no doubt takes place in 2009, When Our Rookie QB in the final minutes of the 4th quarter against the Cleveland Browns. The Lions were marching down the field, when protection broke down resulting in Stafford getting drilled into the turf dislocating Matthew’s shoulder. That would surely be the end of Stafford’s afternoon right? No way not our QB he fought the coaches and trainers and refused to leave the field, as Stafford trotted back onto the field we all watched with only a few seconds left in the game not knowing the extent of his injury at the time.

Matthew Stafford called for the snap and threw a game winning touch down trying to celebrate the agonizing pain shooting through his arm. At that moment We all knew Detroit finally found their guy, A QB that had the talent and heart to lead the Lions for years to come.

Needless to say The Injury ended Matthew Stafford’s season resulting in surgery, But not before he could throw for 2,267 yards, 13 Touchdowns and a 61.0 QBR not bad for his rookie season. In 2010 Stafford season was short but still managed to throw for 535 yards , 6 TD’S and 1 INT. That my friends would be the end of mediocrity for the Detroit Lions Elite Quarterback.

There was no doubt from the very start of the 2011 season that Matthew Stafford had something to prove and was clearly playing with a chip on his shoulder’s, ready to shut his critics down and Restore the Roar in Motown having the best season of his career still to date. Stafford gunned down 421 completions for 5,038 yards, 41 TD’S ,16 INT and a Stout QBR of 97.2 silencing all of the critics sending his haters packing.

In Matthew Stafford’s 8 season career he has burnt opposing defenses for 30,303 yards ,187 TD’S and an impressive QBR of 86.8, did I mention Matthew has also thrown for over 4,000+ yards in each of his last six seasons? Oh and by the way Stafford has Broken nearly every record held by a Detroit Lions QB in team history. Matthew Stafford is Elite and should be treated as such, nothing less. Do not under estimate his team, Do not under estimate his soldiers. But most importantly DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MATTHEW STAFFORD folks.

Has he won a playoff game? Nope but I promise you The City of Detroit and the entire Lions fan base will not waiver and will continue to be the most Loyal Fan Base in sports’s, we will continue to hold faith in our hearts and a Super Bowl weighing heavily on our minds. Even after witnessing that brutal 6-26 loss in the 2016 playoffs our Detroit Lions sustained while playing in Seattle against 3 opponents. Now I won’t sit here and place blame or make any excuses as we all seen Detroit did make mistakes. But I will call out the NFL And it’s Ref’s in what will forever be known as the most Biased flag throwing contest in the NFL’S Postseason’s modern day era. I’m pretty sure the referees threw more flags than Stafford threw passes… ( Laughing Out Loud ) Now that was funny I don’t care who you are.

I will leave you with this, After what happened in last year’s playoffs and being robbed of a NFC North Division Title in the Lions Regular season finale against Division rival Green Bay Packers. I Guarantee you the Entire Detroit Lions team will be playing the 2017 season with a Huge chip on their shoulders. Playing every game like it’s their last, Balls to the wall , good old hard nose Black an Blue Division football Leaving it all out on that field every Sunday. And I can not wait to watch our Detroit Lions Hunt and Rip apart Any team or Ref standing in their way! GO LIONS!

It’s #OnePride

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