Michigan suffered a tough defeat on Saturday losing 24-17 in the season opener to Notre Dame.  Michigan did not look good in the game and rightfully, so fans are very concerned.  Here are some reasons why Michigan Fans should still have some hope.

QB Play

For the last couple of seasons, Michigan did not have good Quarterback play especially last year, but it appears they may have finally found a QB.  Although Michigan didn’t play great offensively Saturday Night Shea Patterson played pretty well.

Patterson threw for 227 yards and made plays that a Michigan QB hasn’t been able to make in years.  Patterson looked like he could have a really good season if the Offensive Line gives him protection and if he can remain healthy.

Road Game at Notre Dame

Michigan fans need to remember who and where Michigan was playing Saturday night.  Notre Dame is a top 15 team and South Bend is one of the toughest places to play in College Football.  Notre Dame used that to their advantage.  And with all of that Michigan was still in a position to tie up the game with under 2 minutes left to play. The experience of an early season road test will help Michigan when they travel to Evanston, East Lansing, and Columbus.

First Game of the Season

Sometimes teams struggle in the first game of the season and Michigan was an example of that Saturday Night.  You have to remember that it had been about nine months since any of these guys had played in a football game that counted and teams are bound to be rusty.  Unfortunately Michigan showed a lot of rust, and Notre Dame didn’t.

The Defense Will be Fine

All offseason everyone was talking about how great Michigan’s defense will be but Saturday Night Michigan’s defense didn’t live up to the hype.  They let up touchdowns on the first two drives which caused Michigan to play from behind for the rest of the game.  They also were not very good on third downs including giving up a 3rd & 18.  But Michigan did look much better in the 2nd half defensively only giving up 3 points. As the season moves along the defense will continue to get better and better and live up to their expectations.


This Michigan team has talent, but it may take some time for that talent to show.  As the season goes on the players on Michigan will continue to develop, and the team will continue to get better.  In 2015 Michigan also started 0-1 losing to Utah (ironically the score was also 24-17) and finished the season 10-3.  The improvement they showed that season was remarkable and that could very well be the case this year.

Michigan still has 11 games left on the schedule.  All their goals are still very much in reach.  Although the Notre Dame loss was tough, this team can turn it around and have a successful season.

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