Spent most of the day there on Saturday. Was able to see the Family 15, 16, 17, Mustangs Mustags, Lakers, Sporting U, Bates Development 15, MBA, and Playmakers.

Saw coaches from D2, D3, and NAIA.

  1. Terry Armstrong (2019) – the world tour continues. Playing with WM Lakers this weekend. An explosive first step is always my first takeaway and in attack mode to the rim. Finished with dunks in traffic. Creative around the edge, jumper still needs a ton of work.
  2. Rocket Watts (2019) – struggled a bit against Ohio C2K. Andre Gordon (2 sports star from Ohio) and Samari Curtis (C2K Ohio) both played a little better in their win over The Family.  Without question, MSU needs wings in the 2019 and 2020 class.  I can see why Izzo is interested in Watts due to the upside as a scorer at all three levels.  Upside in creating shots for himself and others.  Showed better vision than I’ve seen in the past as they doubled him on some catches and he didn’t force the action. I could see potential if he comes, but I certainly don’t see him as a “must get” for MSU.  It would take an awful lot of work to get close to ready on the defensive end.  Can improve explosion dribble off screen and rolls as well as balance in the mid-range game.
  3. Samari Curtis (2019/Xavier) – 3-star kid for Ohio C2K. Fantastic change of direction into explosion off the bounce. Combo moves where he uses it to go somewhere for mid-range shots. You can see the overall offensive skill package that allowed him to score 30 a game last season.  Didn’t get to see him shoot it much from deep. Classic wing for Xavier.
  4. Andre Gordon (2018) – Ohio C2K. One of my favorite players to watch today. One of the top two-sport stats in Ohio at QB in football and guard in hoops. Some OSU and ND interest in football. Recently decided he is going to play hoops in college and has mid-major interest.  So much dawg in him. He competes for every dribble, every pass, of every possession. Runs the team, takes on challenges. Does so many things well and you throw in the leadership and toughness, you got a solid player.
  5. Carlos Johnson (2020) –  The Family/Benton Harbor – Potential is off the charts. Love the composure he plays the game with and the pace he plays with. Never rushed and always in control. Think he can turn on the scoring motor a little more and assert himself in that way. The versatile and talented kid that I want to see more.
  6. Emoni Bates – continues to be the #1 ranked 8th grader in America for a reason.Playing for his Dad in the 15U squad. Saw them in a great battle where they lost close to The Family. Strength probably the only flaw you can even muster. Hard to judge D when Dad has him in a 2-3 zone the entire day. Long range shot has improved and getting it off the bounce even better. Saw the court better when driving into contact. Amazing how well he finishes with how thin he is. Just a phenom in every sense of the word. Dad pulled the team off the court in a game that turned into a circus. Emoni got a T; Dad had been upset with officials all game, so he started to get the kids off the court and pack up. A bunch of Dad’s talked them back into the game, about five guys sat around Dad on the bench for the rest of the game, a close win. It was really a mess.  The kid is all he’s advertised to be.
  7. Jayvaughn Hannah – Some will say a top 50 8th grader from Mount Clemens that plays with Bates. Big fan of this kid. All business and high energy. Physical, loves contact. Played most at the 3/4. Shot is a little unconventional from 3 and needs some tweaking but he makes it. Great finisher thru contact. Colossal tomahawk off a dribble move in game 2. Will all depend on how much he grows but a lot to like.

* My son got autographs from Marcus Bingham (there to watch his brother), Bates, and Vaughn. Vaughn talked to him for about 5 minutes and wrote him a refreshing note. Very cool. Love how basketball can be a game that brings people of all backgrounds together

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