The captain, Henrik Zetterberg has confirmed when he will hang up the skates according to a Sweden Radio Station.

Last season, Henrik was at the top in the Wings points category scoring 17 goals and racking up 51 assists. Zetterberg is still a top player for the Wings. As age is a concern with the captain turning 37 on October 9th. The news broke when he made the confirmation that he will play 2 more seasons in the NHL to a Sweden radio station called Afton Bladet.

We here at Michigan Sports Network hope to see the best of the captain in these last two years. After this who will wear the C?

Many analysts and Wings fans believe Dylan Larkin will have the captaincy being the Michigan Boy and showing his speed and team efficiency. Others believe it will be the physical Norton Shores naive wearing number 8. Who has been with the Hen orginization since 2005 after being selected 42nd overall.

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Z you later? Wings Captain considering "early" retirement.

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