As summer comes closer and closer to an end, we start to dig deeper into fall/winter sports. In this case being the Pistons.

With the draft all done and over with, it’s unsure if the Pistons are contenders or pretenders. Let’s look over the numbers shall we..

Player     |     PPG

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope     13.8 PPG

Andre Drummond     13.6 PPG

Reggie Jackson     14.5 PPG

Marcus Morris     14.0 PPG

Tobias Harris     16.1 PPG

Judging by our salary cap about to be maxed, I’ve got to say; these numbers are embarrassing to a team yearning for a playoff spot.

Don’t get me wrong, Andre is a phenomenal player, and a great athlete. Andre just demands special treatment as he wants to be the superstar but, not on SVG’s watch. You can’t expect to be treated like the teams star player racking 13 PPG.

Take it from these numbers, Pistons find themselves capped out with a starting five that all averages 14 points a game. Beyond the Nets, no one is further from a title.

By those numbers, the Pistons are set for another pretending season. If by any means they prove me wrong, it’ll be something I am glad I’m wrong in!

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Derek Palmer

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  1. Spencer Walter
    July 3, 2017 at 12:46 pm — Reply

    You spelled “disappointing” wrong

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