The theme we explore on this episode of All or Nothing is togetherness.

Togetherness is important for a football team.  Football, more than any other sport, is about working as one unit.  Different people, doing different specialized jobs, but all coming together for one goal.

A running back can’t block for himself, a center can’t pass the ball, a quarterback can’t catch a pass and a receiver can’t throw the ball, but none of them can do their job without their teammates doing their jobs.

We start the episode focusing on Brandon Peters.  He’s looked good in the limited time that he’s been able to play, but can he forge a relationship with the other players?

It seems that one of his problems is showing the passion that is necessary to inspire his teammates and be a leader on the field.

Still, he’s their best option.


We then turn our attention to Wilton Speight and Tarik Black.  Both were starters who lost their jobs because of injury and both are struggling to find where they fit on the team now.  Tarik is mostly quiet, practicing catching the ball while keeping his foot elevated, while Speight is more vocal about his desire to get through his rehab and get back on the field.  He seems lost without his role as a starter on the team, and that is understandable.


Another example of togetherness is Chris Evans and Karan Higdon.  Both are running backs for the team, so they have to share the running duties.  Instead of this causing jealousy and animosity it’s brought them closer together.

Chris and Karan are often seen supporting each other and encouraging each other.

Finally we look at Tim Drevno, the offensive coordinator of the team.  In the episode he makes the decision to come down from the booth where he usually calls the plays down to the sideline so that he can be closer to the team.  He also invites the offensive line to his house for dinner.

Drevno states that football is only a small part of their lives and that the relationships formed are more important.


What does all this togetherness amount to?  Two Michigan wins, including a dominating performance against Minnesota where both Karan runs for two-hundred yards and Chris is not far behind with one-hundred-ninety-one yards.

Michigan then travels to Maryland to battle the Terrapins.  Jim’s brother John (head coach of the Baltimore Ravens) comes to deliver a speech to the team about playing hard and getting noticed by the NFL.

Michigan gets another easy win where Peters looks good in the starting job.

But can he keep this place in the family?  Will Speight make a comeback?  Come back tomorrow to find out.

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Mark Phillips

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